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Menas C. Kafatos  Ph.D. 

Expanding the Horizons of Science for Society


YouTube Videos and other Media on Reality, Consciousness and Physics  


 Interview with CreteTV Antithesis,
June 2017


Lecture on Living the Living Presence


Menas and Deepak discuss You Are the Universe: Discovering Your Cosmic Self 


Interview with George Sahinis, 98.4 Radio and Cretetv


Quantum Physics and Buddhism


Meeting Buddhist Master Cheng Yen in Taipei, Taiwan. Menas and Master Cheng Yen drew parallels between Quantum Physics and Buddhism

Global change, Interdisciplinary science, quantum theory and Consciousness, Buddhism and science.


Interview in Taipei by Dr. Chi-Ming Peng, CEO of WeatherRisk Explore, volunteer for Tzu Chi Foundation 


The 15 minutes that Changes the World (TEDx of Korea) 

What is the relationship between space and time?
And what does it tell us about reality?



Deepak Chopra & Menas tackle some of the biggest questions in modern science


SAND (Science & Nonduality) The Nonlocal, Entangled, Conscious Universe: From the Spookiness of Limited Mind to the Undivided Wholeness of Reality


What Is Consciousness?


"What Is Consciousness & Where Is It?" - a panel conversation recorded at Science and Nonduality Conference 2013 with Rudolph Tanzi, Menas Kafatos and Lothar Schäfer facilitated by Deepak Chopra

What is the fundamental activity in the universe? Although neuroscience has made enormous progress in looking at the brain correlates of subjective and objective experience, there is still no theory on how we experience mental or perceptual reality. Where our memories are stored? Is there a scientifically viable way to explain consciousness? Does mainstream science have the methodologies to address this question? Are there states of consciousness that go beyond waking, dreaming and sleeping? Is our current science which is based on a subject/object split equipped to answer these mysteries? What is the nature of the universe? What is the of nature awareness that makes it possible for us to experience the universe? 


What is Complementarity?


This principle, well-known to quantum physicists, describes how seemingly contradictory phenomena can be equally essential to reality.


The Riddle of Consciousness




How do we know that what we see and experience is reality? How do we explain consciousness in the current scientific paradigm? Kafatos is joined by Deepak Chopra to explore these fascinating questions.


Is God a Mathematician?


Constants in science, such as the speed of light, guide the laws of the physical universe. But the mystery, as Menas says, is why these constants exist as such. The organizing power of the universe very likely derives from these constants, and may be based on pure chance. But Menas and Deepak suggest another possibility, which is that these constants are in fact perfectly organized by a self-aware universe, continually bearing itself into existence.