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Sheaf theoretic formulation for consciousness and qualia and relationship to the idealism of non-dual philosophies

Kafatos, M.C., Kato, G. C. (2017)

Wave Particle Duality, the Observer and Retrocausality

Narasimhan, A., Kafatos, M.C. (2016)

Fundamental Awareness: A framework for integrating science, philosophy and metaphysics

Theise, N.D., Kafatos, M.C. (2016)

Biofield Science

Kafatos, M.C., Chevalier, G., Chopra, D., Hubacher, J.J., Kak, S., Theise, N.D. (2015)

Where Are We Going? The Quest for a Meaningful Future

Kafatos, M.C. (2020)

Responses of Agro-ecosystems to Climate Change: Specifics of Resilience in the Mid-Latitude Regions,

Kafatos, M.C., Kim, S.H., Lim, C-H., Kim, J., Lee, W-K. (2017)


Chapman Physicist Wins Top Award and Joins the Korean Academy of Science and Technology

Menas Kafatos, Ph.D., has received several prestigious awards this year. The Professor and Director of Chapman’s Center of Excellence in Earth Systems Modeling and Observations (CEESMO), recently returned from a trip to South Korea’s capital where he was elected as a Foreign Member of the Korean Academy of Science and Technology (KAST).

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