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Menas C. Kafatos  Ph.D. 

Expanding the Horizons of Science for Society

Expanding the Horizons of Science for Society





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How To Get Reality Back On Track
By Menas C. Kafatos, PhD, Deepak Chopra, MD

Reality, that most important concept about everything that exists, has gotten out of kilter, and yet very few people have noticed or are paying attention. The problem goes deep into the heart of things ... Click to read more

If Science Is a Game, Here's a Game-Changer 
By Menas C. Kafatos, PhD, Deepak Chopra, MD

The quantum pioneer Erwin Schrödinger was one of the best thinkers about philosophy in a generation of physicists, around a century ago, that was ... Click to read more



Interview with George Sahinis, Cretetv

Interview in Taipei by Dr. Chi-Ming Peng, CEO of WeatherRisk Explore

Meeting with Buddhist Master Cheng Yen in Taipei, Taiwan. Parallels were drawn between the principles of Buddhism and quantum mechanics. 

Interview with Huffington Post Korea


Science, Consciousness and Human: 
How Modern Science Meets Ancient Philosophy
June 9, 2016, Athens Megaron (Music Hall)
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Spirituality Lecture: 
Experiencing Inner Awareness in Practice 

Huffington Center of Saint Sophia 
Cathedral, May 11, 2016
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