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The Great Unknown Becomes Known Through Art and Quantum Mechanics:The Future of NFT

In our modern era, there is a misunderstanding that art, science, philosophy and technology are all different and have no relationships with each other. Let me say from the s

tart that this point of view is not only limiting, it causes many problems for society, for humanity and affects future generations. It affects the health of humans, the health of our planet. Today I bring you a message of hope, a message of healthy mind, a message that the ancient Masters knew and taught. This is also the message of modern quantum mechanics. Because the Truth is one, it never changes. It never changes in Korea, in Greece, in China, in America, in Africa, in Europe. It is universal, beyond space, time and cultural differences.

To see it, one has to develop the Exalted Mind, the Higher Mind. This can happen through Human Creativity. We can say that the Exalted Mind Understands the Great Unknown, the human mind becomes the Exalted Mind. This way, opposites become One. This is also what modern Quantum Mechanics makes us understand. Miraculously, the Unknown in Quantum Reality, the Unknown in Art, can be combined in a new way that as I said is also very ancient.

The Known is What the Human Mind Thinks, the Unknown is What the Exalted Mind Imagines. Art and Imagination, Science and Certainty, the opposites are not opposites anymore. Human Creativity goes from Uncertainty to Certainty.

In Quantum Mechanics, the Mind Asks, the Universe Replies. Art depicts beautiful Nature, Quantum Mechanics gives us new understanding. This is the activity of the Exalted Mind, where Science, Philosophical Reality and Everyday Life become One. The Exalted Mind then reflects

Infinite Nature; then Art and Quantum, the Great Unknowns, become Known. We are making Sense out of That, Which is Infinite Possibilities.

In our era of modern NFT, Technology, Art and Quantum Mechanics, what we may think are Three Great Unknowns are actually Known. In this way, we move from the Infinite to the Finite, from the Unknown to the Known. Universal Consciousness, the Creator of the Unknown, is The Exalted Mind. The Human Mind can grasp the Infinite Through Art and Quantum Mechanics. The Three Laws are Complementarity, Universality and Interactivity. Everything in the Universe follows the Three Laws.

My dear friends, through NFT, we can bring together a new way to allow our Creativity to blossom. Ancient philosophies, ancient Art, ancient ways of knowledge, can now become ours and for future generations. By observing and following the Universal Laws.

I would like to close with a few practical steps, what I call the Eight Symphonies of Life, we can all observe and do in our everyday lives, a new way perhaps of living, maybe a way to see eight ways as a universal Message. The eight symphonies can replace our usual habits, maybe we can look at these symphonies of life, contemplate them and not stop there. Here they are:

Expect the unexpected. Be prepared to make the plans that need to be made. Do not go for the results but make plans to do what is needed to be done anyway. In fact most of time, our plans don’t go as planned, do they?

  • Pay attention to little things in our life. The smaller they are, the more important, the more significant. This message, comes through the little things. Have we noticed how Nature is taking care of all life?

  • We only see results afterwards, after the specific facts have occurred. Something small happening unexpectedly, or by synchronicity, the results, the future will show. We are central players and we depend on everything else, the future will show us, does not mean we have no responsibility.

  • Tell our mind and the ego to wait! We can say: Stop, wait. We want to know now and we always want to know in advance. The mind and ego say: I need to know now. Why? Maybe we can’t. We will find out afterwards.

  • One step at a time. One may ask: Then how do we make progress? If we find afterwards, what are we going to do now? We don’t know now; so we will find out afterwards! Contemplate what is happening now and freely let go, wait and see.

  • Things will start moving faster and faster. When we start following the first five ways, we will see that what might occur later in the future, it will actually happen now, or sooner. We seem to be diminishing time. By slowing down internally, we are doing more things externally! Then our life becomes much simpler and more fulfilling.

  • Remember our own mortality. First of all, among the little things that we have to pay attention to, is to watch all around us how life and death come and go all the time. However we have to be ready at every moment, so we live a full life at every moment.

  • Things that happen in our life, which give us “hard time”, are the ones that really advance us. The hard things in life, if we look at them the right way, maybe they will teach us.

  • (the 9th symphony) Be! We Are!

All these symphonies, as we become aware of the day-to-da

y lives of our living presence, move us forward. They end up in the 9th symphony which is basically the highest symphony, the simple and omnipresent Existence, which is our very Nature, Being, the Exalted Mind. Let’s begin to apply them, slowly but steadily. Right from where we are, where we are spending so much time, right from our own residences. And let’s see then what will be happening in our life.

These rules are based on scientific quantum mechanical methods as they give us tangible results and experiences. They are scientifically supported because in reality there is no gap between the invisible quantum world of physics and the visible world of everyday experience. Art and Science come together. These pairs are actually all based on the same Three Universal Laws. If we open the way we think, if we open our horizons, then our daily life can be filled with fullness. For sure, the future will not be the same as the past.

The NFT we are talking about here is providing the foundation for digital links to art, music, quantum mechanics and philosophy of life. This is the future NFT. Let’s enjoy our lives.


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