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About Menas C. Kafatos

Growing up on the island of Crete, I was fascinated by the vastness of space in the night sky and by questions about the universe. I’m fortunate that I was able to have this experience, as I ultimately realized that we came from the stars. This way of thought shaped my experiences and led me to new opportunities. Now, as Fletcher Jones Endowed Professor of Computational Physics, I've expanded my work to make close connections between science and spirituality, the nature of reality, and quantum implications for everyday life. Science is today a most powerful, successful and continuously changing human activity. An activity that asks “big questions,” such as, how did the universe start? An activity that also asks questions that may not be “big” but are, nevertheless, very important, questions that affect our everyday lives and well-being.

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Science, Reality and Everyday Life

You are the Universe


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What is this book that fell into your hands? It is an exploration of Reality, which examines Truth scientifically, philosophically (mainly from the point of view of the Triadic, non-dual system of understanding) and which originated in ancient India. We will look at parallels to 'Western' philosophical concepts, notably Plato, Socrates and Heraclitus. We will see some parallels to Trinity encountered in religion. Of course, this work does not go against any philosophy, ancient or modern, because it holds that after all, despite all the apparent dualities, they all have the same Source.

New York Times bestselling author Deepak Chopra joins forces with leading physicist Menas Kafatos to explore some of the most important and baffling questions about our place in the world. What happens when modern science reaches a crucial turning point that challenges everything we know about reality? In this brilliant, timely, and practical work, Chopra and Kafatos tell us that we've reached just such a point. In the coming era, the universe will be completely redefined as a "human universe" radically unlike the cold, empty void where human life is barely a speck in the cosmos. ...

Living the Living Presence


Presentation and panel discussion with Menas Kafato and Deepak Chopra


Recent & Upcoming Events



TEDx Athens 

The Great Unknown

The Unknown is Great. It gives meaning to our being, redefining our need for discovery and knowledge. As children, we face it with awe, like a blank canvas ready to welcome everything we can imagine. And everything we can imagine, we can realize. 

TEDxAthens returns, daring us to become kids once more, diving deep into a Great Unknown. And who knows, this journey may lead us to the discovery of new, unknown so far, destinations. Will you accept the challenge?

May 28, 2022

Athens, Greece

Sivinanda Ashram: Swami Swaroopananda's Birthday Celebration

Science, Art, and Consciousness

We invite all new, returning, and longtime members of the Sivananda community to come together for a joyful celebration in honor of the Sivananda lineage and the celebration of the birthday of the ashram’s director and acharya, Swami Swaroopananda.

We will enjoy Classical Indian Music and Dance, a special Q & A on Yoga and Spiritual Life with Swami Swaroopananda, talks on science and consciousness, and Sivananda teachings from senior ashram staff.

With a special birthday puja on June 7, and more guests to be added, please plan to be with us during this special time.

June 2 - 11, 2022

Bahamas, Online

Saivism and the Significance of Mahasivaratri - 6 Live Sessions


Free Event - Sign Up Here

March 7-10 2021

Online Event

The worldview of Triadic Saivism also known as Kashmir Saivism is appealing to modern thinking because it gives concrete, practical and consistent logical steps to understanding the world we live in, how we humans live full lives and what constitutes ultimate reality. Modern scientific findings of quantum mechanics and cosmology mirror ancient understandings, creating an increasingly unified view of reality. Modern science is catching up with ancient wisdom, the two complement each other.

This is an opportunity to explore the basics of Saivism, gaining perspective on some of life’s most important questions: What is reality? How do we live our daily lives? What answers can science provide that enhance our practical steps to a fulfilling and loving life?

Combining the studies of Saivism, we will examine the meaning of Maha Sivaratri and prepare for this most auspicious night of Lord Siva, one of the most sacred nights on the yogic calendar.

Menas In Media

YouTube Videos and other Media on Reality, Consciousness and Physics 

Saebasi: The 15 min. that Changes The World

Every human being is asked this question at some point in his life. 'Who am I?'

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